Research Laboratory Assistant on portable detection systems for microalgal toxins

[Portugal] International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) is seeking seeking a Research Laboratory Assistant on portable detection systems for microalgal toxins to work in a collaborative project in the area of biosensors for water monitoring, whose main responsibility will be to support the Water Quality Research Group at INL to develop its ongoing research on biosensors for detection of microalgal toxins in water and seafood.

Employer: International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL)

Location: Braga, Portugal

Job type: Full time

Department: Life Sciences

Research Unit: Nano4environment

Contract duration: 24 months

Closing Date: September 29th 2017, 23h00m (Lisbon time)

Salary: Competitive package and benefits

Job Role & Key Responsibilities

As a Research Laboratory Assistant on portable detection systems for microalgal toxins you will take on a key role within the following responsibilities:

  • Development of portable detection systems based on optical biosensors integrated with sample preparation.
  • Perform regular analysis of water and seafood contaminated with microalgal toxins using well-established analytical and biochemical methods, such as: enzymatic activity assays and HPLC;
  • Development of microalgal cultures, contaminated solutions and samples from seawater and seafood and carry out sample treatment and preparation for analysis.

Job Requirements

Applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • MSc in Nanotechnology/ Biochemistry/ Chemistry or similar;
  • Experience in surface chemistry and biosensors;
  • Experience in analytical chemistry and biochemistry techniques such as enzymatic kinetics, protein quantification and determination and liquid chromatography;
  • Experience in microfluidics (fabrication and modelling) and microalgal cultures will be positively evaluated.

Personal Skills

  • Strong motivation to work both independently and as part of a team in an interdisciplinary environment, with the ability to pay close attention to detail and to meet deadlines;
  • Excellent communication skills and experience in the dissemination of results to the scientific community are expected;
  • Capable of establishing collaborative ties with distinguished academic groups and relevant industry partners.


  • English is the working language of INL. Upper advance level in oral and written English is required.
  • Working knowledge of another language is an advantage.

What we offer

  • Employment contract and competitive compensation package;
  • Employees will also benefit of the various social facilities available at INL;
  • International and highly competitive environment in contact with leading edge technology.

How to Apply

International candidates are welcome to apply. Only applications in English will be accepted. The application is made online. Please click on the ‘Apply’ button;

Interested applicants should submit a motivation letter, a full curriculum vitae and University certificates.Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Employment Agreement

If your application is successful and you accept our offer of employment, you will receive the employment agreement and all other relevant documents. If you are relocating, you will be given assistance by the HR Office.

If Your Application is Not Successful

We highly value the interest shown from applicants wishing to become a part of the INL experience. It is important for us to maintain good communications with candidates. No matter the outcome of the application, we always send the applicant an answer.

Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Principle

INL is an equal opportunity organisation, committed to providing equal career opportunities and firmly adheres to a principle of non-discrimination in respect of gender, age, nationality, racial group, or any other possible discriminatory issues.

Enquires should be made to: [email protected]

The advertisement deadline may be extended at any time without previous notice in order to improve the suitability and effectiveness of the recruitment process.


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