3 reasons algae butter is a better butter

[USA] Consumers value healthier options, but that can sometimes mean sacrificing taste or texture. Algae butter brings the best of both worlds. It is a healthier drop-in replacement for dairy butter, shortening, and margarine, and provides an exceptional sensory experience across doughs, icings, pastries, sauces, and spreads. Read on to see how algae butter offers the pleasure of indulgence without all the guilt.

1. Better Performance

Algae butter delivers superior performance versus traditional culinary fats across many applications. For starters, it creates flakier baked goods, fluffier icings, and creamier spreads than conventional shortenings. This is due to algae butter’s fast-melting properties, which match other premium fats including cocoa and shea butter, and create a superior texture and mouthfeel. Additionally, algae butter’s neutral taste doesn’t impact the flavor of food like traditional butter sometimes can. Beyond this, algae butter improves kitchen efficiency by softening rapidly and maintaining an optimal consistency at room temperature.

2. Cleaner


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