Fermentalg finally arrives on the market with an algae oil rich in omega-3

[France] The laboratory Fermentalg manufactures microalgae particularly in the area of the nutrisanté — Fermentalg.

Fermentalg has redefined its strategy and is the sector of the nutrisanté his priority. At the same time it has signed a commercial agreement with the japanese DIC for the production of natural pigments.

The year 2017 will be the year of transition for Fermentalg, nugget regional biotechnology in New-Aquitaine. Seven years after its launch, this manufacturer of microalgae, which now employs 64 people at Libourne (Gironde), is in fact passed from the research phase to the commercial phase, including the placing on the market, this summer, its first product, the DHA 350, an algae oil rich in omega-3.

“The beginning of 2017 we have defined our strategy and defines a priority market, which is that of nutrition and health,” explains a 20-Minute Philippe Lavielle, the new CEO of Fermentalg. Omega-3’s derived from the fermentation of the algae represent for the CEO an important growth vector.

“The world’s population eats in a recherche’health improvement”

“For the past few years the agri-food industry is in the process of turning, ensuring more respect for the environment, and moving more and more towards products that offer nutritional benefits,” says Philippe Lavielle. The world’s population eats in a search for improved health, and more and more people adopt a vegetarian diet, taking into account the issues of animal suffering. “

In this context, “our platform of microalgae is very interesting : it is respectful of the environment – while the production of omega’-3 of animal origin pose the question of the resource ocean – and its intakes are complementary to the plant protein. “

Strains of microalgae – Fermentalg.

A trade agreement with a japanese giant in the field of natural pigments

At the same time, Fermentalg has signed a commercial agreement with the japanese giant DIC Corporation (world’s largest supplier of printing inks, 6 billion euro of turnover) in the field of manufacturing of natural pigments. “This partnership reflects our desire to accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative products, including the blue pigment of natural phycocyanin that can revolutionize the segment of dyes, natural food. “These pigments from microalgae, in particular, can be used in the manufacture of ice cream and candy.

The japanese DIC has invested 5 million euros in Fermentag, ” which will enable us to strengthen our know-how in the field of color. “Philippe Lavielle sees the sign that Fermentalg is a real “nugget” regional biotechnology that ” a lot of world we want. “With a parallel capital increase of 11 million euros, sustained and guaranteed by its shareholders of reference, the foremost of which Bpifrance, Fermentalg sees fit in his boxes of fresh money, which must make it possible to accelerate this phase of marketing, which was somewhat tardée since the launch of the company.

The year 2018 is expected to confirm these partnerships and placed on the market, with the signing of the upcoming agreements of distribution of products in Europe and the United States.


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