Five reasons to supplement their diet with algae

[Global] Algae are not considered to be a popular product, however, nutritionists advise to include them in your diet.

Algae are a very valuable source of vitamins. Add them to your diet to strengthen the immune system. Experts identify a number of useful properties of this product. We will talk about the top 5 among them.

Strengthening the thyroid gland

In seaweed contains large amounts of iodine required for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. According to experts, iodine from the seaweed is absorbed more efficiently than from iodized salt.

The improvement in bowel function

Red and brown algae contain a lot of fucoxanthin — a pigment that contribute to the revitalization of removing fat from the gastrointestinal tract. In algae there is and fiber necessary for proper bowel function.

In addition, seaweed contains a large amount of alginate, which protects the mucous membrane of the intestine and stomach from damage. He also saves from the risk of gastritis and stomach ulcers.

Strengthening the immune system

Due to algae, the conditions for the active growth of beneficial microflora in the gut. It improves the immune system. In addition, these plants contain a substance that activates the production of white blood cells that are needed to protect the body.

A positive effect on female hormones

Seaweed helps to normalize the estrogen level in the blood. Experts say that women should be actively consume algae in the run-up to menopause.

Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease

The algae is fatty acid omega-3 that help improve the composition of blood. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and to normalize blood pressure.


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