Algae farmer, media, declared October 12th as the “World Algae Day”

[Global] We as the human kind who live on the Earth, appreciate every resource that is given by the mother nature to sustain our civilization. However, so far there is no credit given for the organism that is responsible for producing half of the oxygen on Earth, for every second we breath; and for maintaining the quality of water resources, for every mouthful of clean water we drink. We think it’s time.

Starting from 2017, the “World Algae Day” will be celebrated on October 12th every year. The celebration of this meaningful day is initiated in 2017 by a German biologist, Jörg Ullmann.  Jörg is an algae researcher, farmer and also a writer.

“The purpose of celebrating the “World Algae Day” is to raise the awareness for the enormous and growing meaning of algae in our life.” said Jörg Ullmann. Algae are indispensable aquatic and soil organisms, acting as the fundamental primary producer in aquatic food chains and are important biomass producers that sustain thousands of other lives on Earth. Furthermore, they are considered as “food of the future”.  Algae biomass has been used as an important ingredient not only for novel medical products, but also a sustainable food source which have been successfully used to combat malnutrition.

Algae act as a sustainable resource in many industries. In addition to that, the importance of algae as “sea greens”, commonly known as seaweed, in the kitchens is rapidly growing, too. The application of algae is integrated into aquaculture, aquaponic systems, architecture (urban farming etc.) and even biofuel production systems.

Algae farming can be practiced on land which is unsuitable for agriculture. Therefore, this practice help farmers to turn unusable land into valuable resource.

Evidence has shown that algae have been used as food and medicine for at least 14,000 years. However, the industrial scale of algae cultivation was started only in the 1950’s/1960s. Today, algae is presence in approximately 70% of all of our food products produced worldwide, mostly in the form of extracts such as carrageenans.

“There are approximately 30,000 algae species worldwide, but probably there are ten times as many which are unknown species. Meanwhile, we are using a little more than 100 of them only. Algae can grow up to 10 to 30 times faster than land plants and it provides almost all essential nutrients that we need.” Jörg Ullmann explained.

Considering that the our world population is still rapidly growing, while the farmland available is reducing due to climate change, algae has become an important alternative food source that does not require arable agriculture land.

How do we celebrate World Algae Day?

The “World Algae Day” is to be celebrated globally in the form of campaigns, exhibitions, festival event, media reports, symposia and research projects on schools. Our objective is to inspire and to show especially the younger generation the meaning and potential of algae, which remain quite unknown.

This special day is not declared by Jörg alone.

“In order to spread this meaningful day, we gladly work together with Algae World News as our official media partner. Through Algae World News, we hope to gain more publicity and support.” said Jörg Ullmann.

Algae World News ( is a well known algae news and information website that provides news and information for the algae industry worldwide.

The “World Algae Day” will also be proposed to the United Nations and WHO (World Health Organization), to add it to the list of official commemorative and awareness days.


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