Seaweed hand cream handmade at the Haeckels apothecary workshop in the seaside town of Margate

[UK] As the weather gets colder you can expect to experience blustering winds to the skin before hunkering down at home with the heating on full blast – all of which only serves to zap the moisture from your skin, leaving it looking dull and dry.

Luckily, this isn’t something you just have to put up with, as the grooming industry is now seriously big business so finding those all-important products that get the job done with minimum effort is easier than ever before.

Seaweed & Geranium Hand Balm

Founded in 2012 with a mission to promote healthy and ethical skin care, Haeckels create simple, handcrafted products inspired by and made from natural ingredients harvested on the Kent coastline.

This soothing and restorative hand cream contains seaweed hand harvested from Margate’s local jurassic chalk reef along with fragrant geranium to lift the spirits. Other ingredients include Aloe, Sweet almond oil, Clary sage oil, Lavender oil and shea butter, combined to moisturise and protect hands and cuticles.

Natural harvested seaweed forms the base ingredient of all Haeckel products which is handmade at the Haeckels apothecary workshop in the seaside town of Margate.

Formulated using a meticulous blend of fragrant coastal flowers and skin-softening natural emollients, Haeckels’ Seaweed and Geranium Hand Balm provides nourishing moisture and crucial protection for weary hands and cuticles. This miracle intensive lotion is enriched with seaweed and geranium extracts, which provide essential vitamins to replenish and gently encourage the skin’s repair.


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