Grow Spirulina in your living room

[France] Spirulina enthusiasts will no longer need to buy dehydrated capsules of their favorite microalgae, which is mostly produced on the other side of the world. By the end of 2018, they can start growing Spirulina in their living room, or kitchen, by using an innovative device made in Occitanie.

After three years of research, the Toulouse start-up Alg & You will launch on November 14 the pre-sales of its fresh spirulina indoor grower.

The device produces 50 grams of Spirulina per week

This device, or photobioreactor, called Bloom, is designed by specialists in technological design Blanc Tailleur, will also be put on sale from 4 to 12 November at the Parisian trade show Marjolaine, a leader in sustainable food production.

Rich in plant proteins, a veritable combination of vitamins with antioxidant properties, Spirulina “has an excellent image among people, especially today where vegan diet is gaining attention around the world,” says Jean-Christophe Babinet, General Manager of the start-up. It’s an emerging market and we’re pioneers, as our customers will be, as were people who first had microwaves decades ago.

Alg & You will market its first 500 units of “Bloom” at the price of 480 euros each, supplied with a Spirulina strain and nutrients.

Even for those who do not have a green finger, they should be able to harvest about 50 grams of Spirulina every week. When we know that fresh Spirulina is sold around 150 Euros per kilogram, within two years, the device should be worth for its value.

Another advantage of producing Spirulina at home is that it is not transported from thousands of kilometers away where the method of producing it is unknown. You will be able to control the materials that is being used to grow it. Unlike those that produce Spirulina using water from the nature, this device in your living room ensures you that there is no lead, no cadmium to pollute the Spirulina.

Spirulina is used to fight against malnutrition

Alg & You has signed a partnership with the Antenna France association to donate part of the profits that will be used for a charity project for children suffering from malnutrition. The company’s mission is to promote the social and solidarity economy. The company also aims to promote self-sufficiency in food production and to fight against malnutrition.

The first four users who receive Bloom finalized prototypes will test it for two months. These “early adopters” who volunteer to go green, will be convinced to change their eating habits.


Photo: Bloom, the fresh Spirulina device invented by the start-up Alg & You will be put on the market around mid-November 2017. – Alg & You

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