Waitrose predicts the foods we’ll be eating in 2018 – and ALGAE is on the menu

[UK] The supermarket surveyed 2,000 Brits who visit a variety of supermarkets to find out what people will be popping in their trolleys next year – and while peanut butter and blueberries sound great, some people will wonder if they will REALLY be eating marine plant algae.

WAITROSE has published it’s annual Food and Drink report – and it’s predicted that in 2018 we’ll all be eating meals that wouldn’t look out of place on Instagram… or the sea.

The supermarket surveyed 2,000 shoppers who get their groceries from all of the big supermarkets to find out what people will be putting in their trolleys next year.

They found that there will be an increase in people looking for “plant-based proteins”, meaning a spike in sales for beans, pulses, grains, shoots, soy and even ALGAE.

It’s not uncommon for people to take Spirulina or Chlorella capsules, which are both types of algae, but it seems next year the emerald green sea-plants will be readily available on supermarket shelves not just at Holland and Barrett.

Algae is regarded as a superfood due to is huge protein count – an estimated 60 per cent – plus an abundance of iron, potassium, zinc, calcium, and vitamin B.

At the moment it’s trendy to stir it in to a nut-milk latte, creating an alien-looking blue-green hued drink.

But if the thought of eating something that looks like it was just skimmed off a dirty swimming pool isn’t whetting your appetite, you’ll be pleased to know that these non-animal based proteins are ideal for packing full a trendy ‘Buddha bowl’, which is basically a bowl rammed full of a bit of everything and rounded off with a healthy dressing.

Or as Waitrose puts it, “Colourful, nutritious and packed with fresh ingredients, the Instagram trend went mainstream in 2017.”

Buddha bowls are ten-a-penny on Instagram, as are dishes involving kale, chard and cavolo nero, three types of cabbage that have replaced broccoli as Brits’ dark green veg of choice.

But it’s not all green foods on the menu, peanut butter sales are up 20 per cent, and expected to rise further, and blueberries are now outselling strawberries.

They predict that n 2018 will see lesser known Indian dishes grow in popularity – but forget chicken tikka masalas, “this trend is about smoked, grilled or seared delicacies, such as scallops in pickled ginger.”

Waitrose’s boffins also think that “gutsy” late night Tokyo-inspired sharing dishes such as chicken yakitori will replace noodles and miso soup as Brits’ preferred Japanese cuisine.

Interestingly, the study also found that less people are doing a big weekly shop, instead preferring to pop in to the supermarket once or twice a day to pick up what they fancy eating, and to cut down on food waste.

Also stuffy dinner parties on the way out, being replaced with American-style bring-a-dish dinners – but not everyone is treating eating as a social occasion.

The study found that more people than ever are dining out alone, taking just their phone for company.

Tourists visiting the Canary Islands were recently warned about an aggressive form of algae known as ‘sea sawdust’ that was causing people to be VERY itchy.

And if you’re a bit behind on your food trends, here’s all you need to know about 2017’s must have item, the spiralizer.


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