6 instagrammable foods we have blue algae to thank for

[Global] Any fitness foodie knows that although the fundamentals of eating healthy never really change, every year a trendy new ingredient takes the health food scene by storm, and 2017 has been no different, with the mysterious blue algae powder coming out on top.

The nutrient-dense, blue-green algae, which boasts health benefits including being vitamin-, mineral-, and antioxidant-rich, lends a pretty blue hue to everything it’s added to and has helped to make everything from toast to smoothies reach a level of Instagrammable even mermaids would approve of. Read on for six ways to get in on this viral food trend before the year’s out.

Mermaid Toast

If you haven’t tried the Instagram phenom that is mermaid toast, get ready to be obsessed with the easiest and prettiest breakfast food of the year.

Aqua Smoothie Bowls

This gorgeous mermaid-approved breakfast bowl involves blending a yoghurt of your choice with frozen fruit and blue algae powder, then topping with fresh or frozen fruit and crunchy toppings like shaved coconut.

Mermaid Smoothies

If you’re in a panic to get in on the trend before the year’s end, make your own protein-packed mermaid smoothie by adding some blue algae or blue matcha to your favourite smoothie recipe before you get a ready-made coffee-chain version.

Unicorn Lattes

This trendy latte may not have made it to your favourite coffee chain’s menu yet, but you can DIY your own version with steamed nut milk and a dash of blue algae for its beautiful hue and health benefits — sprinkles and sweetener optional!

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