6 reasons why seaweed is the ‘it’ beauty ingredient of 2018

[Global] When it comes to skin and hair care, any beauty lover will tell you that she’s constantly on the hunt for the next best thing.

Whether it’s a remedy for dry winter skin or a product that promises to banish frizz once and for all, we’re willing to search high and low, try weird and wacky ingredients, and carry out elaborate home experiments in order to get glowing skin and shiny hair.

So with the end of the year fast approaching, we couldn’t help but ask: What will be the next big beauty trend come 2018?

Well, ask and you shall receive.

Since (beauty) secrets aren’t half as fun when you keep them to yourself, we’re going to let you in on some newly learned intel. Next year, the ingredient that everyone’s going to be talking about is … seaweed.

Yes, seaweed. You may know it as the greenery you see everywhere at the beach, or as the main ingredient of your favorite salad at the sushi restaurant.

Turns out that this stuff isn’t just a random plant that grows in the ocean — it actually has a ton of benefits that help with everything from dull skin to coarse hair. And lucky for us, The Seaweed Bath Co. developed a whole line of products based around this holy grail ingredient — bladderwrack seaweed, to be exact.

So come next year, when all the experts are talking about their newfound seaweed obsession, remember: You heard it here first.

Here are six reasons why we can guarantee seaweed will be the ‘it’ beauty ingredient of 2018.

1. It protects from the sun

Seriously. Seaweed contains UV-absorbing compounds that studies have shown to combat the harmful effects of UV radiation on skin and hair.

But don’t throw out your sunscreen just yet — seaweed works in conjunction with your normal suncare, not in place of it.

2. It detoxes

Seaweed doesn’t just add a much-needed dose of nutrients to your routine — it actually assists with ridding your skin of the stuff that doesn’t belong.

Seaweed contains iodine, which can help the skin’s natural detoxification process to flush out environmental toxins and heavy metals, a necessity when you’re looking for a clear, healthy glow.

3. Harvesting it doesn’t ruin the environment

This one’s a biggie. No matter how amazing a beauty product makes you look and feel, if it’s not grown or collected sustainably, it kinda defeats the whole purpose.

The Seaweed Bath Co.’s seaweed is hand-cut in such a way that allows for total regrowth and minimal disruption of the ocean habitat, which translates to happy customers who look good AND feel good.

4. It does wonders for dry, winter skin

You know that flaking, cracking skin that’s just so typical in the winter? Seaweed can fix that.

It contains tons of amino acids that can promote hydration AND combat signs of aging like wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation.

When it comes to skin, what else could a girl ask for?

5. It’s free of all the bad stuff

Unlike so many beauty products on the market, seaweed-based products tend to leave out the harmful chemical additives. The Seaweed Bath Co. offers a full suite of face, hair, and body products WITHOUT parabens, dyes, or gluten.

Bonus: They’re all certifiably cruelty-free, because, like, animals.

6. It deep conditions hair the natural way

Because bladderwrack seaweed contains a slew of vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and B12, to name a few), it provides a natural, super-effective alternative to traditional hair conditioners, which can contain artificial and chemical-based ingredients.


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