All-Gas project led by Aqualia begins demo phase

[Spain] The All-Gas project in the El Torno treatment plant in Chiclana, supported by the European Union, has started its demonstration phase, successfully exceeding all the objectives and stages set from the start, producing quality biogas that is being tested in various vehicles to check their functioning.

The results of all the project’s phases have shown that All-Gas is a clear example of circular economy since a waste (the dirty water) is converted sustainably into raw materials with added value, thus providing an innovative and environment-friendly process.

The All-Gas project aims to demonstrate the large-scale production of biofuels based on the cultivation of low-cost microalgae. It is a collaboration between the companies and institutions involved – European, regional and local. For Aqualia, which leads the European consortium undertaking the project, it has also meant the driving of leading-edge technology.


Photo: Since 2010, this facility has been the site of the world’s largest project to obtain biofuel from the cultivation of microalgae in wastewater through a European consortium led by Aqualia. Photo courtesy of Aqualia

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