This Chinese company produces renewable energy, rehabilitate desert, and turn it into a Spirulina farm

[China] Founded in October 2005, InM Wushenzhao Ecological Development Co., Ltd. is located in the Wushenzhao ecological park, Wushenqi, Erdos City.

The main industries involved by the company are: ecological vegetation rehabilitation of desertification, renewable energy and new resources food – farming and processing Spirulina.

Aimed to carry out desertification control, the company accomplished the mission by planting a type of desert plant known as Salix psammophila. With the scientific use of the unique biological habitat of desert shrubs, combined with biomass direct combustion power generation technology, as well as the use of Spirulina’s ability in carbon capture, the company is able to generate electricity from burning desert shrubs, meanwhile fixing carbon dioxide by cultivating Spirulina, thus create a complete ecosystem for the industry model of “three-carbon economy”.

De-ionized water deep clean technology to clean up Spirulina.

With an annual production capacity of more than 200 tons of Spirulina, the company has walked out an economic path of harmonious development between human and society, and between man and nature.

Post-harvesting deep-clean technology

Inner Mongolia Wushenzhao Ecologica Development Co., Ltd. employs post-harvest Spirulina deep-clean technology. Using de-ionized water, the Spirulina biomass deep clean twice to flush away the impurities attached on the surface of Spirulina cell, leaving only the purest nutrition of microalgae. To retain the freshness of Spirulina, this cleaning process is completed within 30 minutes.

GMP certified Spirulina processing facilities.

The company has also GMP certified Spirulina processing factory attached to its farm to process Spirulina biomass into powder and tablets.

Packaged Spirulina powder in drums.

After deep cleaning and processing, the Spirulina powder are packed and stored in drums ready for delivery.  Rich in protein and scarce nutrients of the recommended daily allowance of 10 kinds of vitamins, 12 kinds of minerals, 18 kinds of aminoacid, β-carotene, phycocyanin, SOD, DHA and others, Spirulina is by far the most nutrient-rich and most balanced natural nutrition that has been discovered by humans to date.

For more information about Inner Mongolia Wushenzhao Ecological Industry Development Co.,Ltd (内蒙古乌审召生态产业发展有限公司), please contact:

Address: Wushenzhao Ecological Industrial Park,  017320 Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, China 内蒙古鄂尔多斯乌审旗乌审召生态工业园区。电话:15004776963/0477-7490311

Tel: 15004776963, 0477-7490311

Email: [email protected] (Rong Yan)


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