Australian aquarist manufacturer signs US supply deal

[Australia, USA] Australian manufacturer Algae.Tec has signed an exclusive commercial supply and collaboration agreement with the largest aquarist supplier in North America.

Seachem Laboratories is a leading supplier of products for aquariums – including freshwater, seawater, reefs and ponds – and has more than 2,500 dealers and outlets in the US alone.

Under the agreement, Algae.Tec will manufacture and package a line of acquarist products through Seachem’s distribution network and has the right of first offer to supply for all other products that may be used in Seachem formulations.

“The development of a new line of algae-based aquarist products, in addition to the company’s nutraceutical products, provides the business with increased exposure to an exciting and rapidly growing global market,” said Algae.Tec’s managing director Malcolm James.

“Seacham is a major player in the global aquarist market and we expect this partnership to significantly increase revenue from our acquarist/aqua division this year.”

Both parties have also established a collaboration program for the joint development and commercialisation of new products for global supply.

Last year, Algae.Tec developed a series of innovative, nutritional algae-based products for the aquarium industry under its FeedMe brand.

“We are please to be working with Algae.Tec and believe their expertise in development and production of high quality algae and other related products will be a significant benefit to our business in the international aquarium industry moving forward,” said Seachem’s vice president Jim Rogers.


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