Chilean salmon farmers’ share prices fall as algae bloom expands in Chile

[Chile] The share prices of some Chilean salmon farmers fell on the Santiago Stock Exchange, amid concerns about the outbreaks of red tide and algal blooms in southern Chile, Diario Financiero reported.

Compania Pesquera Camanchaca’s share price was the most affected, with losses of 8.77%, followed by Australis Seafoods, which was down 5.11% and Empresas AquaChile, down 3.14%. Camanchaca’s salmon division, Salmones Camanchaca, lost 2.92%, after a successful listing on Friday.

An intense growth in the harmful algae bloom, particularly of Alexandrium catenella, has recently triggered an alert in the Aysen region and the south of Los Lagos.

In just one week, the presence of this microalgae increased at rates that have not been seen in nine years, extending to the south zone of Chiloe, Melinka, and the Corcovado Gulf, according to the center for the study of harmful algae of the institute of fisheries development.

On Feb. 5, the extraction ban in the south of Chiloe has been extended (see map above), sources told Undercurrent News.

It is possible that the phenomenon could continue to expand, sources said.

“The phenomenon has affected a linear extension of approximately 600 kilometers, a great part of Aysen and now Los Lagos. It is really extensive and macro [in] scale,” one source in Chile told Undercurrent.

Meanwhile, the intensity of the algae bloom in the Aysen region tends to decline, the source added, pointing to this as a “good news” within the “bad news”.


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