Glass pond for growing Spirulina in China

[China] Xiangcheng is a town in Zoucheng, Jining, in southwestern Shandong province, China. In this town, there are six area designated for Spirulina cultivation.

Staff harvesting Spirulina manually using plankton net.

The local Spirulina farmers use  Hong Shiquan Spring water as the source of water to cultivate Spirulina.

Staff examining the harvested Spirulina.

The interesting part is, unlike most open pond system which is normally made of concrete or plastic lining, the Spirulina ponds in Xiangcheng are made of glass.

Staffs taking sample from the glass pond.  

There are a total of 84 glass ponds in Xiangcheng, producing up to 100,000 kg of processed Spirulina dried powder every year.


Photo: By Qisheng Wang

Exclusively reported by Algae World News





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