Student company making fertiliser from seaweed

[Cyprus] FIJI produces a liquid, organic fertiliser from seaweed with aim of aiding the environment. The student run company of nine students from The GC School of Careers operates under the umbrella of Junior Achievement Cyprus. Competitions such as the Junior Achievement Cyprus specialise in providing youth entrepreneurship education and aim to provide young people with business and economic knowledge and skills necessary for their future.

So, with the help and cooperation of the municipality of Larnaca, the FIJI team collects seaweed which is washed out by the sea and by processing it themselves after proper chemical analyses, their fertiliser is ready! This product not only encourages health plant growth but solves other problems too. That is, in Cyprus, due to our geographical and Mediterranean location, every year tonnes of seaweed are washed up on the beaches.

However, these remain unused, even if their nutrients have several helpful uses! It also replaces the chemical fertilisers currently circulating in the market most of which are also imported from abroad and expensive. FIJI believes that the use of chemicals in our food and plants needs to be reduced and FIJI fertiliser provides all the tools you need to create a healthy, organic garden. In this way, the FIJI team is trying to bring agriculture back to people’s lives.


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