Why you should get a marimo moss ball

[Global] Are you someone who wants a pet or a plant but without the time or commitment? A Marimo Moss Ball might just be the perfect fit.

According to Pistils Nursery, Marimos are found in Japan, Estonia, Iceland, Scotland and Australia. They are called moss balls, but they are really made out of algae. This quote from Balls of Moss goes more into detail, “They’re not exactly made of moss, as most people would assume. Marimos are actually a type of algae that grows in partial light and eventually forms into a spherical ball under specific conditions.” Marimos are entirely made out of algae, therefore there is not a hard substance inside and they are squishy. They get their round shape from the current of lakes pushing them around.

They are very easy to care for, making them perfect for dorms and college students. Marimos don’t require a tank, so they don’t take up too much space, which is also beneficial for small dorm rooms. They grow very slowly and have been known to grow up to 8 or 12 inches (Pistils Nursery). According to Instructables, “The growth rate of Marimo is about 5 mm per year.” There is no need to constantly buy tanks for them. Once you have all the supplies for them, there really isn’t any added cost later on.

Some dorms don’t have air conditioning but that isn’t a problem! Marimos like the cold since they are found in the bottoms of lakes, but during the summer, you can always put them in the fridge to cool down.

Marimo care is very simple, they don’t require food. It just needs sunlight in order for it to complete photosynthesis. However, too much sun could be detrimental to them and they can turn brown. Their water doesn’t have to be changed often either, which can save a lot of time for students.

Due to students’ busy schedules, it can be easy to forget to water a plant or feed a fish, but Marimos are very hardy. Their short growth rate allows them to live up to 100 years. And there is no need to worry about conditioning a tank or using special water, they do great in tap water.

When asked whether she would get one, freshman Emily Ausman commented, “Yes, because it’s minimum care and it’s a good conversation starter.” Not many people know what Marimos are, and it could be a good discussion topic among friends.

Sarah Gessler, freshman, agreed with Ausman saying, “I’d get one because I’m allergic to every animal in the planet and I could finally have a pet!”

Marimos might not do much, but this can be perfect for students who want an animal or plant but don’t have the time or are forgetful.


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