China shut down Spirulina production sites along Chenghai lake as part of rehabilitation project

[China] China has issued order to shut down all the Spirulina production sites around Chenghai lake.

Recent years, there is an increasing concerns about the province’s famous plateau lake and the once clear blue waters have been suffering from environmental damage for over 20 years.

The order, which began effective on April 10, was announced following a governmental decision on classifying Chenghai lake as a “state-level nature reserve”, therefore would be a “total closure” of all industrial activities around the vicinity.

The construction workers were preparing to tear down the Spirulina production site.

The affected four Spirulina production companies around Chenghai lake  covered more than 500 acres of land. These companies were used to be the largest Spirulina production sites in the world. According to the local news report, all the owners agreed to tear down their production facilities including hundreds of acres of raceway ponds to restore the environment.

“The initial stage is to remove a total of 53,206.67 square meter (about 13 acres) of Spirulina production ponds, buildings, and facilities” said Yongsheng city mayor Feng Ma.

Chenghai lake housed one of the largest combination of Spirulina production facility on Earth. There were over 500 acres of raceway ponds for growing Spirulina.

As part of the rehabilitation project, other agricultural activities such as livestock farming and fishing are also banned within the 70m-elevation contour line .

The order also include dismantling of two illegal buildings, along with 74 households and 106 local residents were withdrawn. The environment protection agency will continue to monitor the lake water quality and control wastewater produced by other Spirulina cultivation activities along the lake.

The agency also help the the Spirulina farmers on upgrading their farming technology and transforming the industry into modern health and fitness centers.

Located at the province of Yunnan, Chenghai lake is also believed to be one of the only three lakes in the world where Spirulina is found naturally.

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