Nelson health company signs deal with Israeli Biotech

[Israel, New Zealand] A Nelson-based skincare company that uses a unique strain of algae to stop wrinkles has become the first Kiwi company to strike a deal with the Israeli biotechnology sector.

Supreme Health NZ has signed a deal with Algatechnologies to gain access to its cutting-edge technology to make the product more readily available.

Supreme Health’s chief executive Kerry Paul said securing the partnership placed the company at the forefront of micro-algal production in the world.

Israel’s scientists were the world’s first to cultivate anti-oxidants from micro-algae, which made Algatechnologies an ideal partner, Paul said.

“Micro-algae are far superior to the ingredients being used in today’s natural health products,” Paul said.

“The key bioactives in products from micro-algae exist in far higher concentrations enabling increased efficacy and are produced in a sustainable system in contrast to today’s natural products.”

Bioactives are chemicals and microbes that have some biological effect on our bodies.

The unique strain of the algae (Haematococcus pluvialis) Supreme Health grow in Nelson produces astaxanthin – a chemical compound that increases cell nutrients.

Astaxanthin was 6000 times more powerful than vitamin C, Paul said.

The algae will be grown in Nelson and then sent to Israel where Algatechnologies scales the micro-algae to commercial levels before returning it to New Zealand for the extraction of astaxanthin.

Algatechnologies chief executive Hagai Stadler said the partnership would allow the company to scale up.

“This investment is in line with our core strategy to fully exploit the potential of microalgae-derived products for commercial applications and especially natural astaxanthin,which is our key ingredient,” Stadler said.

In 2006 Paul founded Manuka Health NZ and expected astaxanthin to become the next manuka honey.

“Astaxanthin has low levels of consumer awareness at the moment but it’s growing quickly.”

“The popularity of astaxanthin can be paralleled to the popularity of manuka honey. When manuka honey first came on the market there was little known about its properties but now it has gained immense traction as a medicinal honey and has even become popular in parts of Asia,” Paul said.

Supreme Health sells its products online in NZ and has just started shipping overseas.

The company hopes to become a global player in the health and skin care sector following this deal.


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