Seeking workers in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

[Canada] Seaweed is the new cod, according to Acadian Seaplants recruiter Rob Marvin.

Marvin held a job fair on Wednesday, March 28 in Marystown looking for workers to harvest seaweed in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick for up to five months of work.

Marine plants, the key ingredients for products for humans and animals, as well as the agriculture industry, are the main business for Acadian Seaplants. The company has been in business for 15 years and began recruiting in this province three years ago.

Marvin said, “The quality of the workers from this province is very high.”

He and his team target fishing communities and look at unemployment rates when deciding in which towns to seek workers.

In the past they’ve held job fairs in Harbour Breton and Gander.

Construction worker Isaac McConnell was one of the people who came out to the fair in Marystown to get information.

“My industry is pretty slow right now and I am interested in the opportunity to get out on the water,” he said.

Acadian Seaplants hopes to hire 15 people from this province.


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