Latest internet craze sees millions of Chinese people doing the bizarre ‘Seaweed Dance’

[China] The hit originated from the Guangxi pop singer in the south of China, and quickly struck a chord with viewers due to its easy and quirky choreography, half rap half singing style and cheerful lyrics.

Many net users said it was an ‘instant earworm’ for them.

The video shows the man plonking himself in the sand on a beach, then starts waving his hands and body around hysterically – like a seaweed would on the seabed.

Chinese net users complimented the comical dance moves, saying that out of all the ‘Seaweed Dance’ videos, this is the best they’ve seen so far.

The lyrics of the ‘Seaweed Song’ describe a carefree attitude, not giving a care about anything.

‘I’m just like a seaweed, a seaweed, a seaweed,’ raps the singer. The song is an instant earworm for many in China with its carefree lyrics and half rap half singing style.

‘I’ve climbed the steepest mountain, I’ve seen the most magnificent sunrise; I’ve bet my life and I’ve danced with the devil,’ raps the singer.

‘But I’ve seen through it all now, so just stay true to yourself.’

But one person has stood out from the other ‘Seaweed Dancers’: A man did his own version of the dance and the results were hilarious, with net users crowning him as the ‘king of the Seaweed Dance’.

The song also encourages people to ‘smile harder and love harder’.

The original music video has racked up more than 3.8 million views on YouTube since its release last December.

Mr Xiao is known for his casual and relaxed rap style.

His other hit song, ‘Social Shock’ caught on with listeners as its catchy lyrics encourages people to ‘be free’ despite the constraints of society. The video gathered more than 6.4 million views on YouTube.


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