This farmer vacuums under the sea for a rare delicacy

[Japan] Under the clear waters, off the coast of Okinawa island, Japan, grows an immune-boosting variety of seaweed called mozuku. Exclusive to this area of the world, the rare delicacy requires a harvesting method like no other – vacuuming.

As seaweed farmer, Tadashi Oshiro sets out in this fascinating Great Big Story clip, the technique, passed down to him by his father, involves planting mozuku seeds in nets and allowing the crop to mature, before the seaweed is eventually sucked up by an underwater vacuum cleaner.

Best of all, however, the half-a-century-old technique allows the process to be completely sustainable, leaving no waste products behind. Faced with the challenge of increasingly polluted waters, the future of mozuku may be uncertain but Tadashi’s determination to carry on the family business is truly inspiring.


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