Phenometrics introduces new light calibration tool for PBR101

[USA] Phenometrics Inc., the leader in benchtop photobioreactors, introduces a new accessory for their PBR-101 photo bioreactors, the LCT99, Light Calibration Tool. The LCT99 is an essential time saving tool that helps scientists accurately calibrate the LED light on the Phenometrics PBR101 and ePBR Photo Bioreactors.
Before starting an experiment, calibration is quick and easy using the Algal CommandTM software, the LCT99, and a light meter*.

The cap allows users to securely position the lamp for the calibration procedure. It is an easy way to hold the lamp in the correct position and creates the right distance to the light detector. The LCT99 is designed to conveniently fit on the top tray of the PBR tower.

The new light calibration tool will benefit scientists who are specifically concerned with simulating outdoor growing conditions or have specific light measurements they need to complete their experiments.

Kip Andrews, Phenometrics Tech Specialist, explains, “Most LED lights have different light output intensities that are inherent in the manufacturing design. Therefore, the light needs to be calibrated to the Algal Command software using a light meter to give accurate results and produce relevant data. The LCT99 makes it easy to set up the light to the right distance from the surface of the culture media then do the calibration, before putting it on the actual culture vessel to start the experiment. “

Mimi Hall, Phenometrics’ Director of Sales and Marketing said “We hope everyone comes by our booth at the ABO Summit in Houston, October 15-17, 2018, where we will be showing the LCT99 to interested customers. We will also show the LCT99 at the Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference, in Weihai, China, October 29-31, as well as at the EuroAlga conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on Dec 4-6.

*Light meter not included.

The PBR101 is a computer controlled compact desktop Photo Bioreactor system that allows the user to simulate aquatic pond conditions using temperature change and diurnal light cycles. It can be used for dynamic monitoring of algae, as well as configured into a matrix of +25 units, greatly reducing the laboratory workload, improve algae growth research, and save valuable time, resources and money. Phenometrics Inc. is headquartered the USA in Lansing, Michigan, with a West Coast sales office in Southern California.

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