Pricing carbon key to reducing fossil fuels and suppressing toxic algae

[Global] The Scientific Perspective, “Researchers: Warming drives toxic algae,” in Wednesday’s Sentinel provides more warning about the rise in climate temperatures that create risks from toxic algae. The growth of algae blooms is not new to Central Florida. The Indian River was already showing signs of brown algae growth in February, reminding us of the same condition from the Keys to Pensacola.

Rising global temperatures are the cause of this increasingly toxic threat. This rise in global temperature must be moderated by reducing the amount of fossil fuels burned for energy production.

The best way to break the hold of this dirty fuel and encourage the shift to noncarbon fuel is to put a price on carbon. Pricing carbon is a market-driven approach that will address what has been a “free lunch” for too long. Toxic algae is just one consequence. Most economists agree that pricing carbon will be the most effective way to shift toward more innovative and cleaner energy resources.

As the cost of fossil fuels rise, consumers will switch to lower-cost, clean-energy sources. A revenue-neutral approach stands out as a strong candidate for public support and economic benefit. Pricing carbon and returning the revenue to the American people maintains their purchasing power while making alternative clean energy relatively cheaper compared to fossil fuel sources. It is good for the economy and helps reduce the climate warming that is a cause of the dangerous chocolate brown goo that grows in Florida’s waters.


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