South Korean company looking to collaborate on microalgae production

[Brunei, South Korean] DARe (Darussalam Enterprise) yesterday hosted a Brunei-Korea talk to promote technology intensive venture business programme at its iCentre in Anggerek Desa.

The afternoon session at the KHub began with a presentation on microalgae (Spirulina) cultivating and manufacturing through solar energy by Dr Lee Jung-Seok from Sunbiotech.

This was followed by two more presentations – Cosmetic business using micro algae by Dr Kim Mi-Kyung of Echo Pico Tech; and Lemon Healthcare Co LTD by Steve Hong.

Dr Lee highlighted that the Sultanate has strong potential for the mass production of microalgae.

He spoke to the Bulletin on the sidelines of the Halal Cosmetic, Food Supplement and Healthcare talk organised by DARe.

Dr Lee explained that a six-month monitoring of a production farm experiment here has indicated that Brunei Darussalam is very good for the mass production of microalgae and Spirulina.

He was introduced to the country by a Korean professor who had worked for the Brunei government. He came to see for himself the land and weather conditions here, and found that they were optimal to build a production farm.

Dr Lee Jung-Seok of Sunbiotech speaking to the Bulletin

From then onwards, Sunbiotech has kept its options open to local investors to collaborate in setting up a microalgae and Spirulina farm.

“At this moment there is no specific company or individual, but we are talking to anyone who may be interested in funding, providing manpower and supplying the land. On our side, we will provide the technology in the collaboration,” said Dr Lee.

He pointed out that there is very high potential in this business, which is simple, straightforward and promising. Sunbiotech has its local director here to handle collaboration talks on the matter.

Sunbiotech is one of the companies from South Korea invited by DARe to share on how the latest technology in cosmetics can be an opportunity to develop new technologies, promote new venture businesses and create high quality jobs.

Meanwhile, the afternoon session of the programme also saw a talk on ICT initiatives.

The programme served to create awareness on emerging technologies and business models, share the lessons learnt from Korean success stories, and identify potential new business ventures suitable for Brunei.

It also aimed to develop a global value chain business model for producing new innovative products and services including, smart microalgae production, cosmetics using microalgae and ICT, which are considered as Korea’s competitive industries as well as to make collaboration between iCentre in Brunei and Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency in Korea through drafting the forthcoming Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), promote business exchanges between Brunei and Korea and enhance cooperative businesses.


Photo: Steve Hong delivering his presentation. – PHOTOS: LYNA MOHAMAD

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