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[Global] SCHOTT Tubing provides a series of articles focuses on the uses and construction of photobioreactor in downloadable ebook format.

This allows users of photobiroeactor to get an insight view of different types of photobioreactors constructed using different materials.

Who should read these articles?

If you are not sure about the scale of your algae cultivation system,  or considering the use of different materials such as glass and plastics, these articles are one of the suggested readings you should do before spending your money on buying a photobioreactor.

A wide variety of factors must be taken into account in the planning of an algae cultivation system:

  • What are the breeding and production targets?
  • What are the different types of costs?
  • Which business model is planned?
  • What are the requirements for the breeding farm?
  • What are the effects of considered investments?

SCHOTT offers technically and economically superior products for PBRs to the algae market and help you solve the above questions.

Borosilicate glass tubing DURAN® allow for optimum light input for the highest growth rates. With glass U-bends, manifolds and food-grade couplings we provide reliable and long lasting solutions for bio-secure algae cultivation of haematococcus, spirulina and others.

Discover how these procedures are suitable for your specific circumstances and individual requirements for your unique algae photobioreactor. Download the ebooks here:  https://www.schott.com/tubing/english/special_glass/pbr/download-area.html


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