Biotech company built a 230 kilometers vertical photobioreactor in just 10 months

[Austria] Ecoduna, a biotech start-up in Austria, constructed one of the largest vertical photobioreactor in Europe for the production of microalgae.

The construction of this commercial-scale algae facility was completed within 10 months. Schott AG from Germany is the supplier of 43,000 DURAN® glass tubes for the installation of this tubular photobioreactors – a total length of 230 kilometers high quality glass tube to grow high value microalgae.

Ecoduna has started the production line in January this year using the new plant. The plant is house in a giant greenhouse located at Bruck an der Leitha, Austria.

The large-scale plant consists of 43,000 units of glass tubes arranged vertically on an area of 10,000 square meters.

This plant is currently the largest indoor photobioreactor plant for the cultivation of microalgae in Europe, with 780 cubic meters of microalgae flowing in it.

“Despite the low outdoor temperature as well as limited amount of sunlight during the winter, we have managed to overcome these unfavorable environmental conditions.” explains biologist Dr. Silvia Fluch, Chief Operating Officer at Ecoduna.

The plant was already in full operation with 32 units of photobioreactors running by March. These photobioreactors are capable of producing upto 160 kilograms of dried algae biomass per day.

Johann Karmel, Ecoduna CEO, sees a long-term cost saving by using glass tubes to operate the ‘vertical hanging garden’.

“This is proven to be a smart investment that lowers our operating expenses and it practically eliminates manpower and maintenance costs” says Johann.

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