Put down your Spirulina smoothie and invest in enriching algae products

[Global] Superfoods have become a mainstay in our contemporary culture. You can hardly go out for a bite without someone pouring an acai berry blend down your throat. No longer limited to food or drink, cosmetic companies are fast cottoning on, discovering that the skin and hair care benefits that many of these superfoods boast are just as effective when applied topically, with the single cell algae Chlorella being one of the latest to make the move from smoothies to serums.

By now, we’re pretty comfortable using weird ingredients in our skin and hair care – snail slime, infant foreskins, whale vomit –so why not try some freshwater algae? Its ability to promote blood vessel formulation helps reduce redness, as well as improving hydration and generally freshening the skin. In hair products, the self-replicating cell stimulates keratin production, making it a perfect all-rounder for the beauty industry.

Here are a few of our favourite algae infused products:

Skin Inc Chlorella Serum

Patented Japanese seaweed encapsulation technology ensures that the Chlorella in this serum reaches your skin in its purest most potent form.

Sage & Grapefruit Cleanser

Chlorella works together with anti-bacterial tea tree and sage, making this perfect for preventing breakouts, and soothing redness at the same time.

Sun Chlorella Cream

An enriching moisturiser that combines a blend of natural ingredients to promote skin hydration and encourage skin cell renewal. This cream comes from a brand that started out making Chlorella powder, so you can be sure that these guys know their algae.

Sukin Super Greens Facial Scrub

Paired with Chlorella’s sister organism Spirulina, kale and parsley, this blended salad of a facial scrub promises gentle exfoliation and brighter, revitalised skin.

BRIOGEO Be Gentle, Be Kind Kale + Apple Replenishing Superfood Conditioner

In this revitalising conditioner for dull or dry hair, Chlorella works with an ensemble cast of yummy sounding ingredients to strengthen and replenish hair in need of some TLC.

Living Hair Sprouted Mineral Greens Conditioner

Multiple algae make an appearance in this super rich nourishing conditioner making it a lifesaver for dry or damaged hair.


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