3D-printed STEAK made from pea and algae has the same texture as real beef

[Spain] It’s a food that many people know and love, but now beef steak has been given a very modern update.

Nova Meat has developed a plant-based steak that’s made from pea and algae, but has the same fibrous texture as real beef thanks to 3D printing.

The start-up revealed the meat-substitute at Mobile World Congress this week, where Mirror Online got a demo of the printing process.

The basic mixture is made from rice, peas and algae, and is fed into a 3D printer.

The 3D printing process (Image: Shivali Best)

During the printing process, the microfilaments within the paste align just like muscle fibres do in real beef.

This alignment gives the steaks a beef-like texture, despite the fact that they contain no meat.

The printing process takes around 3 minutes, during which time layers of the paste of carefully printed into the shape of a steak.

It has the same texture as real beef (Image: Shivali Best)

During the demo, Giuseppe Scionti, founder of Nova Meat, printed a steak, before placing it on the a hot grill.

Surprisingly, the steak acting just like the real beef deal, quickly turning a dark brown colour.

Once it was cooked, Mr Scionti cut the steak in half, and the inside had the distinct fibrous texture of meat.

Nova Meat hopes that the plant-based steaks will encourage more people to reduce the amount of meat they eat. Sadly they’re not yet available to buy – but watch this space


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