Beauticians explained how useful algae mask

[Global] What is alginate mask, what benefits and contraindications it has how to properly make and apply at home?

Alginate mask: benefit cosmetics

Alginate mask has long been loved by fashionistas and beauties for its unparalleled health properties. It is considered one of the most effective cosmetic care products for skin. Alginate mask for the face made from brown seaweed, which contains salts of alginic acid. This tool qualities unique in that it has vagotomy properties and capable of long and reliable hold water.

In addition algae mask nourishes the skin with vitamins, proteins and minerals, improves metabolism, due to which the face receives a rejuvenating effect, fueled up and becomes taut, prevents aging removes puffiness, wrinkles and redness, tightens enlarged pores, and the skin is oxygenated, cleaned of peeling, gets a more even tone and beautiful color. Thanks to this modelling mask so became widely used in modern cosmetology.

How to make peel off mask at home

Alginate mask is a popular remedy for facial treatment in spas. However, this tool can easily make and apply at home. To start, thoroughly clean the skin with micellar water or milk. Then apply on face active caring means, for example, an emulsion, a serum or a concentrate that will have a deeper effect on the skin. When serum is absorbed, make a mask. The raw materials of alginate masks is a dry powder. Take 1 part mineral water to 1 part alginate powder and stir.

Alginate mask: how to apply beauty tool

When the mask is thick, with a brush to quickly and evenly apply the algae mask is thick and smooth layer on the face along the massage lines, avoiding eyelids and lips. After a few minutes you will feel the skin gradually tightened. Lie down in a relaxed position for 15-20 minutes. After this time, peel the mask on the face will harden and become elastic consistency. Remove the mask with a smooth and quick movement, starting from the chin towards forehead. Then wipe the skin with tonic and apply facial cream.

For the best effect, the renewal and rejuvenation of the skin is recommended to undergo a course of 8-15 alginate masks for face.

Alginate mask: contraindications for use

Despite the safety and hypoallergenic, people with allergies to seaweed and seafood, it is advisable to try the action of algae mask on the skin of the hands. Contraindications to the use of masks are cancer patients and people with open skin wounds and exacerbation of chronic diseases.


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