EABA Standardization of Algae Biomass Workshop

[EU] The Novel Food approval for agae biomass and agae extracts is a key challenge for the Algae sector in Europe. Many agae business opportunities are linked to the food sector, especially the microalgae sector where the main market is focused on Food supplements. The limited number of authorised algae products is a bottleneck for market development in the Algae Industry.

The new technical committee CEN / TC 454 “algae and algae-based products” Dutch-guided (NEN) is the result of an initiative promoted by the European Commission in recent years through Mandate 547. If the first reflections were focused on algae and their use for energy purposes, the debate then revealed new needs in different sectors: biofuels, fertilizers, cosmetics, food, feed and materials.

The main goal was to assure the safety of European consumers, while broadening the range of foods available to them. However, after almost 5 years, the industry verified that the approval of new Algae Biomass as Novel Foods is the main bottleneck that is tending to reduce the potential of Algae Biomass and slows down the growth of the sector.

Each workshop has a compact format with a panel-based set up. Every panel has a specific topic and a duration of 1 hour; 20 minutes for the presentation of the topic and 40 minutes for discussion and conclusions. Each panel has an invited chair, and the participants in the panel are volunteers from the participants group. There will be minutes from the event with key conclusions for each panel. Check out all the program details and register via the following link:

EABA Standardization of Algae Biomass Workshop


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