From algae you can win now in an energy-efficient fuel

[Global] If we would fill our Tanks with fuel from algae, it would solve a lot of problems. Algae fuel is carbon neutral and would make us independent of fossil fuels. Unlike first-Generation biofuels, for example from Corn, rape or sugar beet, consume algae, not land needed for growing food, because they thrive in sea water and waste water, or in pools and reactors to breed. Even compared to the second fuel Generation, such as wood and organic waste, algae have advantages: they grow faster, have simpler structures and contain more oils per cultivated area.

However, it takes more energy to remove the fat for the oil from the algae, as the algae fuel has to offer at the end. Researchers at the University of Utah, it is now managed to improve this energy balance: In a specially designed Mixer, you could bounce a beam of a solution with a high rate of speed on a beam of micro-algae. In the resulting turmoil, the lipids in the algae jumped in a stream of liquid, which was later converted to diesel oil. This new Mixer dissolve the fats with much less energy from the algae, than conventional methods, is quickly and cost-effectively, say the authors of the study “Algal lipid extraction using a confined impinging jet mixer”. “We have crossed a barrier-a major Development, in order to make the production of algae fuel to be smarter and more efficient.”

While researchers from Utah improve the method in order to gain from algae fats, try other scientist with molecular biological methods to make algae biofuels more efficient. Turn off a Gene for fat loss. The algae to accumulate more fats. Another approach is to increase the photosynthesis of algal cells.

Various algae fuels

oil from the fat of the algae is the potential for algae fuel. Another is Biogas. Swiss scientists at the Paul Scherrer Institute and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) have made 2014 a breakthrough as she won the high pressures and temperatures methane from algae mass. “The Good thing about Biogas is that the production is closed in itself. The fertilizer as the most vulnerable component can be separated and led to the algae,” says Dominik Refardt of the ZHAW. The Biodiesel from algae fats – as propagated by the researchers from Utah – he is capable of the advantages of reclaim: “For Biodiesel infrastructure already exists. It could feed directly into an existing distribution network.”

The potential of algae as the base of fuel Refardt are considered to be large. From research to application, but it was still a way off: “We have to operate in terms of biofuel is still a lot of basic research, because currently the production of biofuels from five to ten francs per litre.” Fuel from organisms such as algae, must grow and harvest, it could never be as efficient as a hole in the ground, from the oil sprudle, there Refardt to bear in mind. Hope he still has: “Any improvement in the methods is a small stone, which results in, hopefully, a mosaic.”


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