Algae-C to produce algae cannabinoids soon

[USA] Algae-C is a biosynthetic company using algae to produce cannabinoids. Founder and President Dr. Mather Carscallen emphasizes the superiority of algae as a chassis because it can be grown in a variety of ways and is not dependent on specific inputs for growth. In addition, algae have an abundance of the natural precursors to grow cannabinoids, unlike yeast and bacteria.

Dr. Carscallen also highlights the usefulness of algae waste products as a super food because it produces high levels of Omega 3, protein, vitamins, and minerals. He reveals that the company is undertaking commercial growth trials this summer and plans to achieve commercial scale production of cannabinoids by Q1 or Q2 2020.

Many at Algae-C, including Dr. Carscallen, have significant experience producing algae at a commercial scale in the alternative fuels industry. While Dr. Carscallen believes there will always be a purist market for products derived from plant material, he suggests that biosynthetic cannabinoids will be a game changer for the space from a consistency, quality, and price perspective.


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