Algafeed company’s growth tied to tiny organism

[USA] A company in Jupiter, Florida wants to put microalgae, an essential building block in food, to good use.

Algafeed, a new company, is marketing a natural microalgae that can be used as live feed for shrimp, shellfish, and fin fish farms.

The goal, according to Algafeed CEO Scott Hollingsworth, is to generate a living algae supply for aquaculture. Hollingsworth said the company has access to technology that allows it to steer the growth of the one-cell organisms so that they can fill custom orders of any type and amount to any location.

“Our Jupiter founding headquarters has consistently provided the ideal climate, bountiful, professional human resources and business environment stimulus for our evolving technology,” Hollingsworth said.

Algafeed also supplies microalgae throughout Floridia and the Eastern Seaboard. Among its customers are shrimp, oyster, clam and fin fish hatcheries.

With a capital investment of $6 million, the company plans on adding 40 jobs to its staff of 13 in Jupiter.


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