Marina Tex, a biodegradable plastic from fish algae and other fish waste

[UK] Marina Tex is a biodegradable bioplastic has won the UK section of James Dyson Award 2019. The bioplastic is made from red algae and other waste products from the fishing industry. Created by Lucy Hughes, Marina Tex is an alternative for single-use plastics, for instance those used for sandwich packets.

“Unlike some other bioplastics which needs special infrastructure and higher temperatures, this material will biodegrade in kind of lower temperatures, which can be achieved in, kind of, home compost bins,” explained Lucy Hughes, a design graduate of the University of Sussex.

Hughes’s design is driven by her belief that waste has real value, hence she developed bioplastic from materials which are usually thrown away.

When asked about the cost effectiveness of the bioplastic, Hughes said since it was made from waste material rather than virgin material, one can get this material from lower cost and even for free sometimes. It is roughly same as an LDP plastic bag.

The material is hence both cost effective and biodegradable, thus becoming worthy of the James Dyson Award.

Hughes is presently working on gathering grants and funds for Marina Tex. With more efforts into R&D, Hughes hopes to bring the material to its best qualities.


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