Singapore first in Asia to taste food made from spirulina algae

[Israel, Singapore] Following the footsteps of companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, Israeli startup Simpliigood wants you to eat its food products made from spirulina – a type of algae. And Singapore will be its first market in Asia.

Singapore first in Asia to taste food made from spirulina algae

The fresh spirulina is packed tightly in a small pod, frozen, and shipped to stores and restaurants where it serves a growing population of urban consumers partial to superfood and vegan meat.

Simpliigood, also known as AlgaeMor, has partnered Singapore-based Sechel Asia to bring its products to Asia under a 50:50 joint venture called Simpliigood Asia.

Sechel is backed by Sassoon Investment Corporation, which is owned by the Sassoon family whose fortunes span from retail to real estate and venture debt. Simpliigood is the second partnership struck by Sechel. It plans to partner another four to five companies to help them break into Asia. It typically completes three deals a year.

Simpliigood CEO Lior Shalev wants to partner with restaurants that can come up with creative ways to use its algae.

According to Dach, the start-up is the first to have perfected large-scale commercialisation of fresh spirulina. There are a number of small companies including Bangkok-based EnerGaia and US-based Pond Technologies also trying to scale up the production of the green-blue algae.

Spirulina is known to have minimal carbon footprint; it uses far less water, land and utilities than other proteins.

While it is seen as a superfood with varying degree of health benefits, spirulina is touted as a cost-effective supplement for regions with food insecurity and malnutrition.

For this reason, the company has two small farms in poverty-stricken Congo and Ethiopia.


Photo: Simpliigood says its Spirulina popsicles are popular among children in Israel. And it is nutritious too. A 20g pod of spirulina has all the proteins that an adult needs a day.

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