AlgenAir wants to change how you think about algae

[USA] In the sophomoric episode of Between Two Founders, the video series featuring conversations with local startup founders from the greater Baltimore region, host Sean Sutherland speaks with Dan Fucich and Kelsey Abernathy, cofounders of AlgenAir.

Sutherland, Director of Accounts for Kapowza – a local creative agency startup – asks throughout the video about AlgenAir’s recent successes at UMB’s Grid Pitch, their pivot to launching an in-home device (Aerium), and what they need to become the next Baltimore startup success.

Here are some thoughts on the episode from Sutherland:

We were very encouraged by the response we got to the initial Between Two Founders episode featuring VitusVet and honored when AlgenAir agreed to come on. I’ve followed their company since meeting the two UMB PHD candidates at IMET and knew their story and mission would make for a good interview. I was very disappointed to hear that neither of them watched “Watchmen” last night, though.


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