Nestlé & Corbion developing algae ingredients for plant-based products

[Global] Nestlé has partnered with Dutch chemicals company Corbion to develop next-generation algae-based ingredients for plant-based products.

The agreement will combine Corbion’s microalgae and fermentation capabilities with Nestlé’s expertise in the development of plant-based products.

The aim is to establish a platform for the production and commercialisation of algae-based ingredients rich in protein and micronutrients.

The research will work to further develop the functionality, taste, and nutritional profile for use in different types of products.

“We are actively exploring the use of microalgae as an alternative protein and micronutrient source for exciting plant-based products,” said Stefan Palzer, Nestlé’s Chief Technology Officer.

“Through the partnership with Corbion, we will be able to use great-tasting, nutritious microalgae-based ingredients to innovate across our different product categories.”

Marc den Hartog, Executive Vice President Innovation Platforms at Corbion, added: “This new protein partnership with Nestlé has the potential to open important avenues for algae-based products into large global markets.”


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