San Diego algae company eyes expansion in Singapore’s food industry

[USA, Singapore] San Diego-based Triton Algae Innovations has revealed that following a rigorous internal review, the top food regulatory entity in Singapore (the Singapore Food Agency, or SFA) has issued a coveted “no objections” letter, which authorizes the use of Triton’s highly nutritious, non-GMO dried algae ingredient in consumer food products.   Triton had been in discussions with SFA staff for almost a year, after an initial meeting at a conference in Singapore in November 2018.

“Triton is very excited and honored by this designation,” said Xun Wang, president and CEO of Triton.  “Singapore is an economic and technology leader not just in Asia but world-wide, particularly in the future food and agriculture space, and so to receive the necessary approvals to be able to sell into this market is a considerable achievement.  We are grateful both to have achieved this status, and also to now have the opportunity to make our healthy ingredient available to Singaporean consumers, for whom good nutrition is a high priority.”

While Triton, which is currently in the process of scaling up a semi-commercial production facility in the U.S., does not yet have production facilities or distribution arrangements locally in Singapore, Dr. Miller Tran, Vice President for Research & Development, noted that Triton was already in various stages of discussion with several prominent Asia-based food companies.  He further indicated that given the growing demand for healthy, nutritious and affordable food products there, Triton sees Singapore as a key market demographic, as well as a potentially critical platform for establishing a broader footprint in the region.

“Singapore has been ahead of the curve for some time, in terms of thinking about and working to implement smarter and more sustainable means of healthy food production, as we’ve seen in previous meetings and discussions with both government and industry officials,” said Tran.  “We will again have a presence at the Agri-Food Tech conference in Singapore later this fall, and will look forward to continuing these related dialogues with interested potential collaborators as we explore viable pathways to that market.”

Triton’s non-GMO algae ingredient is rich in protein, Vitamin A, iron, and Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, and features a complete amino acid profile, which differentiates it considerably from other plant proteins commonly utilized in foods worldwide. It can be produced in four different colors (green, yellow, red & white) which translates to a broad range of potential applications in foods. Triton has also teamed with world-renowned culinary experts, such as celebrity chef Brian Malarkey, to create innovative algae-based menu items which have been in turn and featured at multiple restaurants.

Triton uses a proprietary closed fermentation system to produce its algae, meaning that its production footprint and related resource inputs are minimal, in comparison to traditional agriculture production. Triton’s algae has received a “no questions” GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) letter from the US FDA (GRN 773), stating that Triton’s algae is GRAS for its intended uses as an ingredient in foods.


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