Algae is not a treatment for the new coronavirus

[Global] Misinformation about the novel coronavirus is spreading rapidly. Despite what you might’ve heard, you cannot get the virus from an imported package or a pet, and there’s no evidence that algae, garlic, marijuana, or sesame oil will help treat it.

The best way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and other viral illnesses, is to stay home when you’re sick and wash your hands frequently and vigorously with soap and water.

There is some evidence that red marine algae may inactivate certain viruses, like the ones that cause common cold sores (herpes). But the same hasn’t been shown of the novel coronavirus.

“The problem is that there are some 4,000 species of such algae, some of which may work against some viral infections but not against others,” the McGill Office for Science and Society wrote online. “Without any regulations about proper labeling and without any requirement for verification of contents, it is a crap shoot.”

Nevertheless, at least one “holistic” healer, Gabriel Cousens, told his followers in a recent email that they should use red algae to prevent and potentially treat the coronavirus, even though no scientist has ever studied the effect of red algae on this virus.

“I can’t make a claim for the effectiveness of red algae against the coronavirus,” Cousens said.


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