EABA Workshop series in 2020

[Global] EABA is pleased to inform you on a complete series of workshops EABA is organizing this year.

These workshops includes:

  • 21- 22 April: Seaweed valorization: from production to applications / Nantes
  • 14-15 May: EABA Phycocyanin from algae / Geneva
  • 16-17 June: EABA Fucoxanthin from micro and macroalgae / Las Palmas
  • 29-30 June: EABA Algae based fish and meat / Berlin
  • 16-17 September: EABA Fermentation for algae Production / Delft
  • 6-7 October: EABA Algae biofertilizers and bio-stimulants / Florence
  • 3-4 November: EABA Atlantic Sargassum Belt / Paris

Please visit: https://algaeworkshops.org/ for more information.


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