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ALGAE WORLD NEWS was started as a blog with the intention to share algae related news and information around the globe. By doing this, we hope to create global awareness on the importance of algal industry and its development.

Meanwhile, ALGAE WORLD NEWS gradually transforms into a professional web-base online news directory enriched with genuine algal biotechnological business and science information. Now, we report and share reliable algae industry news, providing professional online networking, business, advertising, and consultancy services for the industry.


Mission statements:

  1. To  raise public awareness on the importance of algal biotechnology.
  2. To become a reliable online information platform for the global algae and algae-related industries.
  3. To act as a business and research networking platform, linking the algae and algae-related industries together despite geographical barrier.
  4. To inspire creative minds to invent and innovate using algal biotechnological as a tool, resolving global energy and environmental issues.

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