ALGAE WORLD NEWS is one of the largest algae industry news and information platform in the world. Formerly known as ALGAE ASIA NEWS, ALGAE WORLD NEWS was officially launched on the 21st of April, 2014.

Up to date, ALGAE WORLD NEWS have collected and reported more than 5,627 algae related news around the world. Last year alone, we have total page views exceeding 488,611 (cumulative more than 692,385) and the average daily visit to our website reaches 2,911 by 415 visitors (statistic provided by WordPress Statistic).

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Other than news reporting, ALGAE WORLD NEWS provides professional news and advertising service for the algae and algae-related industry. Our advertising network covers region specific global community, and we have proven track record where successful research and commercial opportunities are created around the globe via our ad service.

Algae World News ad service for the algae industry is the best among the market where we match each of our client's specific demand at reasonable price.


Since ALGAE WORLD NEWS priority is to promote the algae industry's business, research and development activities, we open our online platform for the industry partners to promote algae business and products. Contact us now to enjoy the most cost-effective and target specific advertising service in the market.

We also authorize third party web statistic analysis programs such as Google and Feedjit to analyze our website visitor statistic. You may find below a real time Feedjit visitor engagement analysis that shows visitors around the world who are engaging with Algae World News website. These are the readers who will be seeing your ad on Algae World News.

Here we prepare a power point presentation to further elaborate Algae World News advertising service and pricing. To download the Algae World News readers' statistical report, please download the pdf file here at  ALGAE WORLD NEWS Statistic Feb 2018.

For further advertising details and pricing inquiry, please email to [email protected].

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