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Cooking with Seaweed

This month seaweed hit the high streets via Marks and Spencer, in an artisan range branded from the British Isles. The seaweed products are from a bakery in the Outer Hebrides, an Edinburgh based Seaweed Company and the Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company from Wales. This means that seaweed is now available UK wide and will hopefully encourage its move beyond gourmet chefs, into the home kitchen. Continue reading Cooking with Seaweed

Ireland: Carrageen Moss Blancmange

Carrageen moss is one of Ireland’s more unusual natural resources. First of all, it’s not a moss: it’s a seaweed. And to add to the confusion, there are any number of ways to spell its common name: carrageen, carrageenan, carragheen and carragheenan, take your pick. They’re all derived from the Irish word carraigín, which means “moss of the rocks” (though some think that the Continue reading Ireland: Carrageen Moss Blancmange